Happy Valentine’s Day! Fall Head Over Heels for 100% Juice

Love is in the air – and what better way to share your adoration than with some tasty treats? While candy hearts and chocolate are the typical “go-to”, we’re throwing a new, healthy spin on Valentine’s Day this year. Along with adding a splash of fruity flavor, 100% fruit juice also offers a simple way to boost fruit intake in your overall diet.

To set the night off right, whip up our Sweet and Sour Cherry Cocktail. From its cool combination of cherry juice and lemon to its vibrant red color, this just might become a new tradition.

Need something to munch on during the rom-com? Our Cranberry Popcorn offers a boost of fun, fruity flavor for you and your plus-one. Or, spice up your fruit bowl with our Very Berry Fruit Marinade for a red-hot, sophisticated touch.

Finally, end the night with the sweet satisfaction of our Purple Passion Custard. That deep grape flavor is guaranteed to have you coming back for seconds – or thirds!

Along with mouth-watering treats, why not diversify your date plans? If weather allows, go on a hike. Too chilly? Indoor rock-climbing is another fun, active idea. Along with eating smart, it’s equally important to get moving!

Craving more inspiration? Check out our recipe page for a variety of 100% juice-infused recipes for any occasion. To learn more about juice and health, visit our Health & Nutrition section.

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