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Despite the misinformation that can arise, it is important to focus on the scientific facts around 100% juice. Along with being recognized as nutritionally equivalent to whole fruit by the US Dietary Guidelines and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the majority of scientific research consistently supports the inclusion of 100% juice in a healthy diet. Browse our resources to learn more about juice.

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Extensive research has been conducted about the juice. Browse the latest peer-reviewed juice studies to learn more about a variety of topics including nutrients, weight status and overall diet.

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As a health professional, patients and clients turn to you for information about their diet and lifestyle. Our comprehensive resources make it easy to recommend juice as part of a balanced diet.

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Scientists are constantly exploring how certain foods and beverages impact our overall health. Get the latest news and analysis about how 100% juice fits into your lifestyle.


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From a summary of the latest research to recipes and educational activities, our toolkit is stocked with fact-based information about 100% juice.


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