Should Older Women Be Worried about Drinking Juice? Science Says No.

Post-menopausal women need not be concerned that drinking appropriate servings sizes of 100% fruit juice will cause them to gain weight. Women may gain weight for a variety of reasons as they age, including the normal aging process, hormonal changes, a slower resting metabolic rate, diet quality and exercise, sleep, illness, and medications. These factors can make weight management particularly challenging.  Therefore, it is improbable and unrealistic to attribute weight gain to the consumption of a single food.

Research shows that people who drink 100% juice have higher quality diets, eat more whole fruit, and have either comparable or higher total dietary fiber in their diets as well as lower intakes of saturated fat, total fat, sodium and added sugar than non-juice drinkers. As these are all markers of good nutrition, drinking juice can effectively help with overall weight management. So for women and men of any age who are looking to manage their weight, the best plan of action is to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

By Diane Welland, MS, RD

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