Cold and Flu Recovery Tips

We all dread catching the flu or a cold. When you\’re feeling sick, it’s important to give your body the rest and nutrients it needs to recover. That means staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, and lots of vitamins!

Which Juice is Best for a Cold?

Many 100% juices can help support a strong immune system by providing a variety of vitamins and minerals. Juices such as tomato, pineapple, orange juice, beet and grapefruit are a good source of vitamin C.  

Many grape and apple juices are also fortified with vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system by protecting cells and promoting the production and function of cells.


Juice Recipes for Cold & Flu

Drinking plenty of fluids is critical when battling a cold or the flu. Water should be your primary drink of choice but 100% juice is also great for hydration and naturally contains essential electrolytes, which aid in fluid balance.

Try these recipes to help your body recover from the cold or flu.

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