100% Fruit Juice and Dental Health: A Systematic Review of the Literature

DeAnn Liska PhD, Michael Kelley PhD and Eunice Mah PhD
Frontiers in Public Health, July 2019

This systematic review looked at eight publications representing five independent prospective cohort studies in children and adolescents and nine Randomized Clinical Trials (RCT) in adults.

Key Findings: The study concluded that the existing evidence on 100% fruit juice intake and caries and tooth erosion is not conclusive. The studies conducted on children and adolescents found no association between 100% fruit juice and tooth decay or dental cavities. These studies reflected normal intakes of juices and dental hygiene practices. While the results of the RCT’s suggested a potential association, this data was primarily conducted using intra-oral devices and conditions that are not reflective of typical juice consumption. More research is necessary to reach definitive conclusions on this subject.

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