Squeezing fact from fiction about 100% fruit juice: Workshop proceedings

Roger Clemens PhD; Adam Drewnowski PhD; Mario Ferruzzi PhD; et al.
Advances in Nutrition. March 2015; 6(6-2): 236s-241s.

Overview of the science looking at current 100% fruit juice consumption levels, nutrient content, juice production, diet quality and health, fruit juice consumption and cognition, fruit juice related to cost and income level and fruit juice and weight status. This paper is based on presentations at 2014 Experimental Biology by Roger Clemens at the University of Southern California, Adam Drewnowski, Director, Center of Public Health and Nutrition at the University of Washington and Mario Ferruzzi of Perdue University. The preponderance of evidence supports the position that 100% fruit juice delivers essential nutrients and bioactives, which can improve quality of the diet, provides year round access to a variety of fruits, and is a cost-effective way to help people meet fruit recommendations.

Key findings: Overall conclusion is that 100% fruit juice is associated with many health benefits, delivers essential nutrients and bioactives and plays an important role in helping individuals meet fruit recommendations without impact on energy intake or food costs.

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