Say Hello to Fall 

Fall is officially upon us. This means cooler days, leave-covered yards and colorful landscapes. Celebrate the start of this new season with 100% juice.   

Many people think of juice as a summer beverage, but it is a great option all year long. Cozy, comforting and delicious, imagine enjoying a warm apple or cranberry drink beside the campfire or at a pumpkin patch with friends and family. No matter the season, 100% juice is a great drink to have on hand, readily available and with a wide variety of flavors, it can cater to all your needs. 

In addition to taste, however, 100% juice offers another benefit – nutrition. One hundred percent juice has the same vitamins and minerals as the fruit or vegetable it is squeezed from, as well as similar health benefits. These nutrients not only keep you healthy, but they can also help stave off illness. That’s because the vitamins and minerals found in juice, like vitamin C, folate and bioactives also can help aid in maintaining and supporting immune function.  

One hundred percent juice also complements whole fruit intake to help meet your recommended servings. It is convenient, shelf table and inexpensive! Additionally, drinking proper portions of juice in addition to water can help you stay hydrated. In fact, most 100% juices are about 80% water. 

Fall into fall with these tips. As the weather cools down and the nights get shorter, it is important to enjoy the warmth and light while it lasts! Go for a post-dinner walk through the neighborhood or visit your local park for a change in scenery. Fall and autumn bring a full harvest of new fruits and vegetables. This is the perfect time to educate your children about where their food comes from and get them excited about trying a wide variety of produce.   

Welcome cooler weather with our unique Spice Apple Poke Cake. Pouring a sweet apple syrup over the cake after its cooks allows the sauce to soak into the crumb and produce a more intense apple flavor. 

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