Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble up with 100% Juice

There’s a lot to be thankful for, so why not add one more thing to the list? This year, we’re especially grateful for nutritious versions of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes! The holiday may be notorious for causing a serious food coma, but these 100% juice-infused creations can provide important vitamins and minerals too – without ditching the deliciousness!

  1. Go cranberry crazy.

Cranberry sauce is a well-known Thanksgiving staple, but have you considered expanding your hunger horizons? Whip up our Butternut Squash Soup with Cranberry Apple Swirl as a tasty appetizer, or serve some swanky Cranberry Orange Champagne Punch as the juicy conversations get flowing. For the grand finale, give your decadent dessert a fruitier kick by topping it off with our Cranberry Whipped Cream.

  1. Accompany with awe.

Looking to add some flavor to your turkey? Marinade marvelously with some Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce. Stuck on side dishes? Enjoy the tangy taste of our Sweet Potato and Mango Salad. You could also get extra zesty with our Winter Citrus Fruit Salad. Who knew 100% pomegranate juice could be such a flavor boost?

  1. Switch up your sweets.

Finalize the feast with our Glazed Orange Cardamom Cake or Purple Passion Custard.

Tasked with dessert duty and short on time? We’ve got a refreshing Ruby Red Grapefruit Sorbet recipe that can be made in minutes!

Looking for more ways to throw a healthy spin on the holidays? Check out Juice Central’s Recipes page. To learn all about the role of juice in a healthy diet, visit our Health & Nutrition section.

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