Consumption Patterns of Milk and 100% Juice in Relation to Diet Quality and Body Weight Among United States Children

Matthieu Maillot, PhD; Florent Vieux, PhD; Colin D. Rehm, PhD; Dr. Chelsea M. Rose, PhD; Adam Drewnoski, PhD.

Frontiers in Nutrition August 2019

Background: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended placing limits on the consumption of milk and 100% juice by children.

Conclusions: Top quartiles of diet quality were associated with more milk, 100% juice, and water, and less SSB. Higher quality diets were associated with lower compliance with the AAP 100% juice recommendations. Compliance with the AAP 100% juice recommendations was not associated with lower body weights. Attempts to limit the consumption of milk and 100% juice by children might have the unintended consequence of increasing consumption of SSB and may have limited value for obesity prevention.

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