Small Changes, Big Results: How to Sip Smart with 100% Juice

Successful resolutions are all about making small but meaningful changes. Aiming to eat healthier? Switching up your beverage choices can be a simple way to get started – and MyPlate has some great recommendations!

Grape soda lover? You can get that same delicious taste while decreasing the calorie count AND removing all added sugars by switching to 100% grape juice and a splash of club soda. While you have the grape juice out, why not whip up our kid-friendly Purple Bug Juice recipe? It might just be a new birthday party favorite! Save the Spiced Grape Spritz for the parents-only after party.

Looking for a yummy fruit drink? Try serving the 5-Ingredient Party Punch at your next dinner party for a healthy but delicious cranberry-apple mix. It’s made with 100% juice has no added sugars and will be sure to satisfy!

Check out the #MyPlateMyWins for Beverages video for more easy swaps to improve your drink selections:

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