Longitudinal associations between children’s dental caries and risk factors

Oitip Chankanka, DDS, PhD; Joseph Cavanauh, PhD; Steven Levy, DDS; et al.
Journal of Public Health Dentistry. Fall 2011; 71(4): 289-300.

Researchers followed 156 children in the Iowa Flouride study from birth through 13 years of age. Researchers evaluated dental examinations at approximately ages 5, 9 and 13. Then they evaluated beverage exposure based on questionnaires sent to parents every 6 months since age 9.

Key Findings: Greater frequency of drinking 100% juice was related to fewer caries in children, indicating that 100% juice may have a protective effect on dental health. Researchers guessed that this could be due to (1) better quality diets and/or less cariogenic beverages, (2) anti-bacterial effects from the non-nutrients (bioactives or phytonutrients) found in certain juices (3) the different composition of sugars in 100% juices.

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