Embrace the Fall Season with Healthy and Tasty Recipes Using 100% Fruit Juice ‎

We don’t know about you, but we are ready to welcome the fall season! As we step into autumn, let’s place an even greater focus on 100% fruit juice, its many health benefits, and the delicious and nutritious recipes that are perfect for the season. One-hundred percent fruit juice is a healthy, nutrient-dense beverage with similar vitamins and minerals, such as ‎vitamin C, folate and potassium and natural plant compounds like polyphenols and carotenoids as the ‎fruit it is squeezed from‎. With fall comes flu season, and these important nutrients and vitamins can help support immune health all year long.

To make getting your daily serving of fruit even simpler, Sip Smarter is offering up a handful of easy, delicious, and healthy recipes that will get you into the spirit of autumn!


 Spiced Apple Poke Cake

This Spiced Apple Poke Cake from Regan Jones, RDN, and host of the podcast This Unmillenial Life combines the flavors of fall with the health benefits of 100% Apple Juice. The majority of apple juice is fortified with vitamin C, which is crucial for the growth and repair of cells. It also helps heal wounds, builds strong teeth, skin, bones and cartilage and is critical to a healthy immune system.


Fall Apple Sangria

If you would prefer to drink your apple juice directly, then this is the cocktail recipe for you. It’s perfect for fall with the refreshing flavors of 100% apple juice, crisp white wine, and whole slices of apples and raspberries. Plus, it boasts all the same great health benefits listed above!


Pomegranate Vegetable Soup with Lentils

Finally, nothing says fall quite like a warm bowl of soup, and this vegetarian option from Diane Boyd, Registered Dietitian, and winner of the Creative New Beginnings recipe contest, is the perfect option to go with this season. Breaking away from the fall-favorite apple juice, this recipe calls for 100% pomegranate juice, along with plenty of other healthy ingredients, like lentils, carrots, and spinach. Pomegranate juice not only tastes great for fall, but is also a good source of potassium, which helps manage fluid balance, blood pressure, and nerve and muscle function. Pomegranate juice also contains natural antioxidants such as anthocyanins, which are known to support DNA and cell integrity.

Embrace the flavors and nutrients of 100% fruit juice this fall season and try out all the recipes Sip Smarter has to offer. You can find them all on our recipe page.

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