Commentary: 100% fruit juice perspectives amid the sugar debate

Gail Rampersaud MS, RD
Public Health Nutrition. April 2015; 20: 1-8.

Review of research on 100% fruit juice related to body weight and adiposity, risk of type 2 diabetes, and nutritional impact on the diet in children and adults. This commentary paper conducted at the University of Florida concluded that there is no consistent evidence that 100% juice has an adverse impact on weight or other health conditions often associated with excess sugar or fructose intake. Current studies related to type 2
diabetes are ambiguous and more research is needed but fruit juice intake does not appear to be associated with key risk factors for diabetes or metabolic syndrome. One hundred percent fruit juice provides several key nutrients to the diet including vitamin C, folate potassium and magnesium and is associated with better overall diet quality.

Key Findings: One hundred percent fruit juice consumed in appropriate amounts is beneficial and not detrimental to health.

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