A review and critical analysis of the scientific literature related to 100% fruit juice and human health

Dianne Hyson, PhD
Advances in Nutrition. January 2015; 6: 37-51.

The current review conducted at the University of Southern California summarizes nearly two decades (1995-2012) worth of research data on 100% fruit juice and human health and provides evidence suggesting 100% juice contains bioactive components with the potential to positively affect human health. Specifically apple, cranberry, grape, grapefruit, orange, and pomegranate 100% fruit juice intake have been linked to protective effects on cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognition, hypertension, inflammation, oxidation, platelet function, urinary tract infection, and vascular reactivity.

Key Finding: Research review summarizing nearly two decades (1995-2012) worth of data suggests bioactives found in fruit juice may have the potential to have positive and possibly protective effects on human health.

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