4 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Along with beautiful blooms and warmer weather, this season offers the perfect opportunity for some spring cleaning. As you open your windows and enjoy the fresh air, keep in mind that your lifestyle may need a bit of a refresh too. Use our spring health tips and tricks to kick the season off on a nutritious note, and to set the stage for smart choices moving forward.

  1. Cut out the comfort food.

We’re finally saying goodbye to hibernation season. That means it’s also time to ditch the foods that often contribute to winter weight gain. Swap the heavy comfort foods for vitamin-packed vegetables to whip up some seasonal sensations.

Our delicious Farro Salad offers a colorful mix of asparagus and cherry tomatoes, topped off with a tasty grapefruit dressing. Or, give your veggies a fun twist of flavor with our Pomegranate Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts recipe.

  1. Soak up the Vitamin D.

Sunlight is limited during the winter months, and this deficiency of Vitamin D can cause fatigue and affect our mood. Luckily, the coming of spring allows us to spend more time outdoors soaking up a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Pro tip: Stock your fridge with fortified orange juice for an additional source of this critical vitamin– and incorporate it into recipes to keep things interesting. Try our Orange-Sesame Quinoa Salad for a tasty, light source of afternoon fuel. Cooking for the family? Our Chipotle Orange Chicken offers a delicious blend of spice and sweetness at less than 300 calories per serving!

  1. No more excuses!

You may have been using cold weather as a justification to skip workouts, but that excuse no longer stands. The longer days and moderate temperatures of spring offer an ideal opportunity to go outside and get moving. As far as intensity, no need to feel pressured. A simple evening walk or family bike ride will do the trick.

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  1. Keep it fresh.

‘Tis the season for farmers markets – so be sure to swing by your local spot and purchase a variety of fresh fruits. Get creative with your seasonal goodies by trying our Apple & Pineapple Colada or Sunshine in a Glass Cocktail. Keep things fun for the kiddos (and sneak in a few fruit servings) with our Green Slushie.

For more fun ideas to help maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round, browse through our recipe page. To learn all about the role of 100% juice in a healthy diet, check out our Toolkit.

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