Perk Up Simple Spring Salad Dressings With Juice

Now that spring in in full swing and summer is fast approaching it is time to revitalize and reinvent your daily menu with fast, fresh and fun recipes that are healthy, delicious and a snap to prepare. Salads are particularly popular because they are so versatile — nearly any ingredient can be added to a salad – and so easy to put together. So whether you’re at your kids’ soccer game or enjoying an outdoor picnic, a salad can easily become your go-to meal on a busy night.

The key to a good salad is a good salad dressing. And, what better way to give your salad dressing a unique family-friendly twist than with a splash of 100% juice. One hundred percent juice intensifies flavors as well as increases color to any salad dressing and is a great way to get your daily serving of fruit and veggies.

Traditional vinaigrette dressings are three parts oil to one part vinegar or acid like lemon or lime juice. To this standard mixture however, you can mix any kind of 100% fruit juices and any flavor combination such as ginger, garlic, capers, dried fruit, spices like cinnamon, chili powder or anise or cardamon or fresh herbs such as parsley or basil. The combinations that can be created are endless.

Consider pineapple juice paired with ginger and garlic, a 100% cranberry juice vinaigrette, or a spicy apple peanut sauce that can also do double duty as a dip with chicken skewers or noodles. How about a a grape dressing or a simple orange juice balsamic dressing. Add nuts, dried fruits or pumpkin or sunflower seeds for some crunch.    

A creative way to turn a side salad into a full meal is by pairing it with protein such as pork, chicken and seafood. Beans or lentils can also add some extra protein to a lighter salad option.

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