Low/No Alcohol Trend Lends Itself to Drinking 100% Fruit Juice

The COVID-19 pandemic has given all of us time to think about many aspects of our lives. Some people have started new hobbies. Others have seen renewed value in spending time friends and family. Many more have become conscious about their physical and mental well-being, often trying new ways to manage and even improve this part of their health. As a result of this new health awareness, there is a growing interest in exploring low and no alcohol beverage options.  One hundred percent juice is ideally suited for this up-and-coming trend. 

Benefits of This Lifestyle

A low to no alcohol diet fits into these emerging ideas about health and wellness. Since the pandemic began, people have started to become more aware of what substances they are consuming and how these substances may affect their physical and mental health—both positively and negatively. However, consumers are now more willing than ever to substitute alcoholic beverages for drinks with a 0.0% ABV. More people are willing to give these products a chance because of the variety of products on the market and an awareness that overusing alcoholic beverages may have a negative impact on their mental health. By reducing alcohol, people are also enjoying physical health benefits and looking for other drinks, like 100% fruit juice, instead.

Only a few years ago, low and no alcohol products were hard to find in the marketplace. What little there was out there was limited in type and flavor. Today, all that has changed, and consumers now have a chance to try a mix of creative and exciting flavored drinks that contain limited or no alcohol.

Why Do People Participate in this Trend?

Many people also use this trend as a moderation technique, which has been more socially acceptable over the last five years. People who use moderation techniques may have a drink or two and then switch to a low/no alcohol option. According to the alcohol education group Drinkware, women and younger drinkers are more willing to try these alternatives than men or older drinkers.

For younger drinkers, this low/no alcohol trend also plays into their values. Many companies that produce low/no alcohol products have found ways to present themselves as socially and environmentally conscious brands. By showing this side of their products, the companies that produce alternative products to alcohol seek to form an emotional connection with younger consumers. Young people may also be more likely to buy these products because of the health benefits and the mental satisfaction that they are supporting a company that aligns with their values.

Juice as an Alternative

One of the more common drinks to help consumers start or stay on the low/no alcohol trend is 100% fruit juice. Juice provides a healthy, refreshing alternative to alcohol as it contains no added sugar, is a low sodium beverage and contain vitamins and minerals everyone needs to stay healthy, such as fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium. Studies have shown that those who consume 100% juice have higher quality diet than non-juice drinkers. Juice drinkers also tend to eat more fruit and have lower intakes of total fat, sodium, and added sugar, which can help improve physical and mental well-being.

A great way to incorporate 100% juice into your diet and participate in the low/no alcohol trend is by making nonalcoholic cocktails, or mocktails. Mocktails are a perfect way to increase your juice intake, try new flavors, and still have fun drinks at a gathering. Interested in trying a mocktail but don’t know where to start? Try this Refreshing Summer Punch. Five ingredients, including 100% apple and grape juice, create the perfect non-alcoholic drink for you to enjoy at your summer party. On a hot day you might also want to substitute alcohol or ice cream with this light and cool Citrus Berry Cooler, which includes three different types of sorbet and 100% orange juice, so that you and your friends can keep cool.

Now is the time to become a part of the low/no alcohol trend. It can provide physical health benefits, as well as mental health support. Additionally, the trend may help to support sustainability and give consumers piece of mind. Juice can provide a unique flavor profile for this trend and make the prefect mocktails for your next gathering. Grab a glass, feel good about your choices, and start sipping!

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