Kick Off The School Year Right With 100% Juice

As summer dwindles to an end, our days get a little less carefree and a lot more jam-packed. When schedules get busier, it can become trickier to help children make healthy food and beverage choices – especially on-the-go. Luckily, we’ve put together some tips and back to school recipes to make it easier to incorporate important vitamins and minerals into the diet – all with the help of 100% fruit juice!

1. Grab and go – without the guilt.

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but sometimes we still put convenience over quality. Fortunately, we’ve collected a few recipes that are quick, easy, AND nutritious! Check out this Power-Packed French Toast to load up on antioxidants from a delicious 100% juice blend, or this Orange Cranberry Oatmeal for a heart-healthy treat. Plus, if you’re looking to grab to take with you while you are out and about, these Grape Berry Crunch Muffins will do the trick!

2. Healthy but hidden.

Kids aren’t typically thrilled about the idea of salad, but with the right recipe, they might just have a change of heart. This Sweet Potato and Mango Salad makes for a tasty lunch addition they’ll look forward to, while simultaneously helping to meet their recommended fruit serving!

3. Snack smart.

Some chip dips can be a calorie-bomb, so lighten things up with this non-fat Fruit Salsa. At only 82 calories per serving, this fruit and veggie-packed recipe is the perfect after school snack to keep everyone, kids and adults, satisfied before dinnertime.

4. Dine deliciously.

Want a gourmet meal, minus the long prep? Look no further! Check out this Pork Tenderloin with Pomegranate & Garlic recipe for a juicy and flavorful dish – or the Chipotle Orange Chicken recipe for a delicious mix of spice and sweetness – at less than 300 calories!

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth.

No need to feel shame for serving dessert – or for craving it yourself! The whole family is guaranteed to love this Grapefruit Pie recipe. Whipped up with rio red grapefruits and grapefruit juice, this sweet and tart decadent dessert is a great way to sneak in your servings of fruit.

Looking for more kid-friendly recipes to start off the school year on a healthy note? Check out our recipe page. For more facts on juice and health, visit our Health & Nutrition section.

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