Heart-healthy Juices

There are plenty of ways to do right by your heart throughout American Heart Month and two juices that can help get the job done are pomegranate juice and beet juice.

Both tasty drinks are loaded with potassium, which does the body good by managing fluid balance, blood pressure as well as nerve and muscle function. Pomegranate juice also contains natural antioxidants like anthocyanins, which support DNA and cell integrity.

Pomegranate juice also helps recover after a workout as studies have shown it can benefit those suffering from muscle soreness.

Regularly drinking beet juice has also shown to improve exercise performance by providing a boost to endurance athletes, like rowers and cyclists, as well as older adults.

While drinking a glass of either of these is good for the body, there are several other ways to enjoy these delicious and healthy juices. You can enhance your family dinner with pomegranate juice with our Pork Tenderloin or Pomegranate Chicken. And for dessert, some Pomegranate Nice Cream might hit the spot.

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