All Forms Count: The Importance of Fruit & Veggies in your Daily Diet

Most of us are aware that fruit and vegetables are essential components of a healthy lifestyle. However, did you know that there are multiple ways to snag those important nutrients? Contrary to what you may have heard, grabbing your daily dose doesn’t have to be limited to whole fruit. In fact, all forms of fruit can satisfy your needs – fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100 percent juice.

Let’s take a quick peek at the facts. Nearly 75% of Americans do not get the recommended servings of fruit in their diet – but this can be a quicker fix than you may think.  One hundred percent fruit juice is a perfect way to supplement other types of fruits in the diet and help reach those recommended goals. There are delicious ways that you can incorporate fruits and vegetables into all of your meals and snacks too! Eating and drinking a colorful assortment of fruits and veggies offers a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients (plant nutrients) and fiber that help you to be your best self.

Need some inspiration? Check out our recipe page for fun and creative ways to increase your fruit and veggie intake. For additional information on why more fruit and veggies matter, check out the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s website.

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