100% Juice: Your Key to Staying Hydrated All Summer Long 

The official first day of summer was June 21, and we are already thinking about all the fun in the sun we are going to have this year. However, with the summer sun comes the risk of dehydration.  

We’ve already shared a few ways in which you can incorporate juice into your hydration routine, but let’s dive deeper into why you should do it and how 100% juice can help you achieve your hydration goals.  

Up Your Energy 

One of the key signs of dehydration is fatigue. According to recent studies, young people who are dehydrated are more likely to be fatigued when exercising. In fact, dehydration is said to be the number one cause of midday fatigue. Did you know 100% juice contains over 80% water, depending on variety? In addition to increasing fluids, 100% juice has vitamins and minerals that can provide extra energy while also hydrating. For example, vitamin C is critical for growth and repair of cells and thiamin, also known as vitamin B1, helps the body process energy from the food we eat, assisting with muscle and nervous system function. Orange and grapefruit juices are excellent sources of both those vitamins. Try mixing in citrus juice to a glass of ice water for an extra boost of energy and hydration this summer. 

Beat the Heat 

In summer 2022, temperatures across the United States are expected to reach record highs. In fact, many cities across the country saw daytime highs well over 100 degrees during the first week of summer this year. That’s why it’s important to stay hydrated and find ways to beat water fatigue. Many people struggle with drinking water throughout the day but adding 100% juice can help. Our registered dietitian Diane Welland has shared ways to combat this and ensure you are reaching your hydration goals all summer long. 

Combat Toxins 

Let’s face it – summer is a time for socializing, and with socializing typically comes heavy alcoholic cocktails that can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. The best thing you can do to combat this feeling is incorporate more water in your social time drink routine. Even better, however, are vitamin and mineral packed juice-based cocktail or mocktail drinks to make happy hour even happier. Mix 100% cranberry juice with your favorite spirit or try this Cranberry Orange Punch for added potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins C and E!  

Bottom line – there are many unique and exciting ways that 100% juice can help keep your energy and hydration up all summer long. Visit our recipe page for additional ways to cool off in the summer heat or read additional research on the benefits of 100% juice with our resources for health professionals.  

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