100% Juice Fuels for The Future 

March is National Nutrition Month. Developing healthy habits and making nutritious food choices will not only take care of your body it will also help your mental health, your community and your environment for years to come. One hundred percent juice is a great way to eat sustainably, keep within budget and increase fruit and vegetable intake. Here are some easy ways juice is “Fuel for the Future”: 

Juice is Sustainable – When it comes to sustainability 100% juice has a lot going for it. On the consumer side, it’s shelf-stable and has minimal (if any) food waste. On the industry side, juice manufacturers work hard to recycle, compost and use renewable resources. For more information on sustainability visit here.   

Juice is cost-effective – Who says eating healthy has to be expensive? One hundred percent juice is convenient, affordable and a good cost per serving value, especially compared to other produce.  Best of all this nutrient-dense beverage can be used in a variety of ways. It can be utilized in marinades, smoothies, soups and so much more. Readily available all year long, 100% juice is always in season so you can still have your favorite fruits and vegetables no matter the time of year. Stretch your dollar by incorporating 100% juice into your routine! 

Juice is good-for-you – Like fresh, frozen, canned and dried forms of fruits and vegetables, 100% juice provides valuable vitamins, minerals and bioactives.  Studies show drinking 100% juice in appropriate amounts, and as part of a healthy diet, can complement and actually help increase fruit and vegetable consumption overall.  

One hundred percent fits into any lifestyle. For a refreshing, tropical drink to quench your thirst, check out our Pineapple Banana and Coconut Smoothie. Want something more filling? Try our Pineapple Sweet & Sour Pork, it is a perfect weeknight meal that will please the whole family. Explore our vast recipe library here.  

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