Health Benefits

Is Juice Healthy?

Yes! When enjoyed in appropriate serving sizes, 100% juice has many health benefits. Studies show that both children and adults who drink 100% juice tend to have higher quality diets, eat more whole fruit, and have either comparable or higher total dietary fiber in their diets. Plus, juice-drinkers have lower intakes of saturated fat, total fat, sodium and added sugar than non-juice drinkers.

More than 75 percent of Americans one year and older are not consuming the recommended daily serving of fruit. Juice is a convenient, affordable and delicious way to boost your fruit and vegetable intake. Plus, like the fruits and vegetables it is made from, 100% juice is naturally fat free and low in sodium.

75% of Americansare not consuming the recommended daily serving of fruit

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines include 100% juice as part of the fruit group, and say that up to half of your daily fruit intake may come from 100% juice. Just remember: one half-cup portion of 100% juice equals one serving of fruit!

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