Learn the Label

Get Familiar With Your Favorite Juice!

Product labels can provide you with critical information about your favorite juice including nutritional information, how it’s made and where it’s from.

Organic Juice

Only juices made from fruits and vegetables that meet strict USDA organic guidelines can be labeled with the certified USDA organic label. The USDA organic regulations include a set of cultural, biological and mechanical practices such as enhancing soil and water quality, avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering.

Label will say:

  • USDA Organic
  • Organic Juice
Country of Origin

Juice drinks may contain juice derived from fruits and vegetables grown in the United States or in other countries. The country of origin for imported fruit juice must be declared “conspicuously” on the product package. Regardless of where it is from, all juice sold in the United States must meet the same stringent food safety regulations.

Label for Juice Made from Produce Grown in the USA May Say:

  • American Grown
  • Made from 100% USA fruit
  • Made from 100% USA vegetables

Label for Juice Made from Imported Produce May Say:

  • Made from Juice Imported from a Specific Country
  • Concentrate from a Specific Country
  • Juice from a Specific Country
Nutrition Facts Label

The nutrition facts label for packaged foods makes it easier for consumers to make informed diet decisions. Learn how to scout the label for vitamins, sugar, and more.

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